Meeting Nutritional Guidelines.  Delighting Students.

Ice Cream novelties can be a nutritional bonus for your K-12 students.  Treats range from ice cream bars and sandwiches to FrozFruit bars.  Take advantage of ice cream’s natural appeal to your students, while staying within nutritional guidelines.  Satisfaction and delight for everybody!

Smart Snack Products Meet USDA Standards for Competitive Foods in Schools.

  • < 35% total calories from fat
  • < 35% total sugar by weight
  • < 200 mg of sodium per serving

* Detailed nutritional content available upon request

For a full list of the products we offer, check out Rich’s Ice Cream.

Our Blue Bunny Smart Snack products can be customized to meet your school needs.  Frosty Freeze offers full-service on-site same-week delivery using our subzero refrigerated delivery trucks.  Your kitchen staff never has to stock or worry about receiving melted ice cream again.  Equipment is also readily available.

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