Purchase wholesale ice cream for schools, daycare centers, hospitals, restaurants, nursing homes, cafeterias, convenience stores, and so many more locations from Frosty Freeze! Chose from all of our novelty Blue Bunny ice cream treats and flavors to stock your building full of delicious, frozen indulgences. Your guests or customers will love having the option of unique, quality ice cream. You can fully customize your bulk order of ice cream and re-purchase at any time for affordable, wholesale prices.


Contact us or stop by one of our stores! We are open year-round to sell wholesale ice cream to you and your business or organization. The majority of our products are sold in 24-count or 12-count boxes; you can select the types that you want, ask to see our price list, and finally, come prepared with a cooler to pick up your wholesale ice cream.

Whether you want to serve Blue Bunny ice cream at a corporate cafeteria, or want to stock the shelves in a convenience store display freezer, Frosty Freeze is here to serve you, as your local, Colorado wholesale ice cream distributor!