Dry Ice

Dry ice is the most effective and inexpensive cooling agent when you have a broken fridge or freezer, when you go camping, or want to add some special effects to drinks or decorations. Using dry ice instead of bagged ice in coolers, food storage, or refrigeration is especially preferred, as it acts as an effective, long-lasting cooling agent, without the messy, water puddles that ice leaves behind. Dry ice is a versatile, seasonally stocked product that you can purchase directly from us.

What dry ice be used for:

  • Coolers
  • Broken Fridges
  • Restaurant Goods
  • Decoration Effects (Fog)
  • Preserving¬†Produce
  • Getting Rid of Pests
  • Science Experiments
  • Food Trucks

Food Carts

You can purchase dry ice by the pound May-September, and we have a knowledgeable staff who can assist you in handling and using it safely and properly. Our dry ice comes in either blocks or slices (based on your preference), can be purchased in bulk, and can be boxed or wrapped. We allow you to customize your order based on what you need!

Contact us today for a free quote for dry ice, whether it be for a restaurant, a food store, or just your everyday cooling needs.