Create an entirely new product isle for your store by enrolling in our display freezer program! Whether you run a convenience store, a mini-mart, a candy store, an ice cream parlor, kid-friendly stores, or even a general store, a Blue Bunny styled freezer is the perfect addition to your shop and will stand out among all of your competitors in a unique, tasty way. By participating in our program, your store will get a stocked, Blue Bunny freezer full of the ice cream novelties that everyone will love, no matter who walks into your store. You can either choose the products that you want or let us pick from our favorite, best-sellers, stocking your new freezer with the creamiest, nuttiest, and most unique ice cream treats from Blue Bunny and La Michocana. The best part is that over time, you’ll be able to track your sales, determine the hottest sellers and keep stocked up on the items that bring you the biggest profit.

Did you know..

On average, ice cream has one of the highest profit margins for the goods in your store, even when compared to any other product? Especially when stocking such a familiar, delicious brand like Blue Bunny, your sales could drastically increase. Also, by enrolling in our program, you can eliminate all of the hardships that could be associated with purchasing an ice cream freezer of your own. By working with us, your freezer will be regularly stocked, cleaned and maintained, without you having to do any work yourself.


We start by delivering a fully-stocked ice cream bunker, filled with the best treats from Blue Bunny and La Michocana in a professional, appealing display. Then, we will continuously restock your freezer for you, without you having to do a thing. We agree on whether you would like shipments weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, then we deliver the product on time, right to the front door of your shop. That’s right: No pick-up, no clean-up. Just easy money. Our service members are trained so that your freezer will always look professional and maintained, making your product look irresistible to your customers.

Start making money and enroll in our display freezer program today!