It’s time to party!

There is nothing quite as endearing as a corporate event which features attractions that stem from childhood enjoyment. Running after an ice cream truck or being treated to a frozen dessert is something most people have a vivid and joyful memory of. At Frosty Freeze, we help rekindle the past and make it a delightful current shared experience with our delicious tasty frozen treats that make any event more pleasurable.

We offer a choice of ice cream truck or cart to serve your guests with a wide selection of treats, catering to any dietary requirement. We will work with you to create a special menu of frozen treat choices, serving styles, and toppings that may include our popular range of Blue Bunny premium and novelty ice cream products.

With the option of truck or cart, we can capably offer our service at both indoor and outdoor venues. All our vehicles are fully insured and licensed. We can also accommodate your marketing needs by having our vehicles branded in your corporate colors and logo.

At every event, we provide professional attendants who ensure that all guests are well-served and satisfied. Our team is experienced and knows how to make each person feel valued and welcome to try something off the menu. They interact well with clients of all ages to ensure a happy experience.

We offer a timely service with setup done early so organizers need not be concerned. Our team members are conscientious and reliable. Our work will not add any pressure to the event as we take up little space and once we are done, or the event ends, our vehicles will simply drive off without the need for cleanup on your part.

Adding an element of fun to an event that is to appreciate employees or customers is always welcome. Even during more formal occasions like seminars and weddings, a simple delicious treat can do much to add a little joy and relieve stress.

We also offer a flexible billing arrangement. Depending on how long the event will last and you will require our services, you may appreciate having a choice between hourly and daily rates.

From product launch parties and company picnics to wedding celebrations and church fundraisers, there is a wide variety of events we have catered to over the years with great success and appreciation from the hosts and guests.

We welcome the opportunity to become a part of your next event and help add a unique experience that will delight your guests.

Why Us

  • Delicious customizable menu of frozen treat options including premium quality brands
  • 34 years’ experience as a distributor of top-quality frozen novelty ice cream products
  • Tailor-made event packages to suit whatever theme
  • Easy setup process with minimal space requirements, a professional attendant, and no cleanup
  • Friendly, professional, and time-conscious attendants
  • Scalable services to cater to events of any size
  • Flexible billing arrangements