We really love ice cream.

Frosty Freeze has been distributing premium and novelty ice cream products throughout the state of Colorado since 1986. Today, the ice cream we feature includes Blue Bunny, Mars Ice Cream, and La Michoacana paleta fruit bars.

Having long realized the demand for quality ice cream products in Colorado, Frosty Freeze was set up as a family business devoted to making these delectable treats more accessible to the residents of Colorado.  Establishing a large and diverse network of convenience stores and other retailers that were desirous of stocking these premium products, Frosty Freeze has expanded over the years to cover most areas throughout the state.

Today, Frosty Freeze is under the management of the next generation. Under the care of brother and sister duo, George and Michelle, the company continues to flourish by offering an array of products to businesses of all sizes.

Having always been grateful to the local business community for their support in making Frosty Freeze a success, the company continues to support charitable organizations and provide a fun, friendly, and family work environment that is a pleasure for its employees and customers.

As master distributors of Blue Bunny, we strongly identify with their values and continually seek to replicate their goal of delivering a fresh farm-to-freezer taste with every bite. We take great care with the preservation and handling of our products, ensuring they arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

Our team coordinates with our network of clients to ensure that our freezers and trucks are all in good working condition and capable of providing safe, sanitary, and suitably temperature-controlled storage for our premium products. In this way, every consumer gets to enjoy the best quality ice cream under the best conditions.

So whether you prefer an ice cream sandwich, a scoop of vanilla on a cone, or a Bomb Pop popsicle, we have it all. Get in touch to find out the exciting array of flavors we offer and how we can help add variety to your stores’ retail space, or school snack menu. Whatever the retail or wholesale quantity you desire, we can accommodate. Click on the locations tab to get directions to any of our branches, or reach out to us using the contacts page form.