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Kids and adults alike love ice cream, and ice cream cart rentals are an amazing way to add a special touch to your next event.  At Frosty Freeze, we offer full-service mobile ice cream cart rentals that can be customized to your specific needs.  Our ice cream carts come in different sizes and have different features to fit your event.  For example, our small carts hold up to 300 pieces of ice cream and can be transported with a truck or trailer.  Our large ice cream carts hold a maximum of 600 pieces of ice cream and can be connected to a power source.  Additionally, you can use dry ice in both carts to keep all contents cold and frozen. See our products here.

How it Works:

When you secure a rental from Frosty Freeze, you are promised a clean, beautiful, and fully functioning portable ice cream cart.  You can expect on-time delivery directly to your chosen location, and our trained, professional staff will set up the cart at your party or event.  We also offer flexible rental billing to fit your needs, including hourly and daily rates, so that you can stick to your budget while having a unique, tasty addition to your special event.  We can provide a customized assortment of delicious, top-quality ice cream chosen by you, or have us select some of our favorite, best selling products for you. Contact us for an individualized plan for your ice cream cart rental and make your next event spectacular!

What to Expect:

A clean, beautiful and fully functioning ice cream push cart
On-time delivery and set up to your event location
Pick up at the conclusion of your event
Flexible rental billing, hourly or daily
Customized assortment of delicious top-quality ice cream
100% Worry-free customer experience