No Breakfast Until You Finish Your Dessert

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It looks like having a healthy, balanced breakfast may not be the best way to start your mornings after all.  What if we told you that having some ice cream in the morning could not only increase your reaction rates when dealing with various problems, but also help you process information with greater speed?  Would you be willing to trade in a bowl of cereal for a bowl of ice cream?

The Telegraph published a new study from a professor at Kyorin University in Tokyo, Japan.  Professor Yoshihiko Koga revealed that consuming a certain portion of ice cream immediately after you wake up in the morning has the potential to make you smarter.

That’s right!  The study compared computer exercise results of groups of people who enjoyed a bowl of ice cream as soon as they woke up to those who did not.  The subjects who ate the ice cream when they woke up exhibited an increased reaction rate in the computer exercises.  Additionally, the participants who ate the ice cream could better process information throughout the series of computer exercises.  To rule out the possibility of the brain simply being “shocked” to a higher performance level, the test was repeated with glasses of ice water, and the results were not the same.  This means that there is something remarkable about enjoying some ice cream first thing in the morning.

The Guardian reported on a similar test from 2005 that was performed by the Institute of Psychiatry in London.  This test showed that a single spoonful of ice cream triggers the same type of enjoyment in the brain as listening to your favorite band or winning money.  This, however, is not news for those of us who enjoy ice cream regularly.  It’s about time the scientific studies caught up to us!

So go ahead and feed your sweet tooth tomorrow morning with a spoonful of ice cream, or a whole bowl – we won’t tell anyone.

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